Super Weird Stems / Subscription Service

Stems versions of SWS001-008 available via a new subscription service...
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2020 Digital Singles

Love / Eternal Desire / Moonlight

Three digital singles lay out the blueprint for a fresh Super Weird sound in 2020...
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SWD012 | Moonlight (Kept Us Up)

The third in Super Weird Substance’s 2020 digital releases, Guevarism’s ‘Moonlight (Kept Us Up)’ sees the label further broadening its horizons...
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SWD011 | Eternal Desire

A project that emerged out of a shared love of underground US disco, melodic Italian house and esoteric Balearic treasures...
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SWSD010 | Love

There’s a new Technicolor musical phenomenon emitting from the Morphogenetic Field…
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Substance Select Vol.2 12″

A new 12" for 2020...
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Can You Pass The Acid Test?

A Day-Glo excerpt from Tom Wolfe's 'Electric Kool Aid Acid Test'...
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African Dub Chapter Three

Lloyd Bradley: Dubwise Situation

A dubwise excursion from Lloyd Bradley's 2000-published book ‘Bass Culture: When Reggae Was King'...
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Substance Select Vol.1 12″

There's some new Super Weird wax on the way this summer....
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The Breakfast Club

John Higgs: Generation Z & The Breakfast Club

An excerpt from John Higgs brand new book 'The Future Starts Here: Adventures In The Twenty-First Century'...
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