SWS T-Shirts

Super Weird T-Shirts

Having been popular in the past, the Super Weird Substance logo t-shirts are available again in both black and white and can be purchased at our Bandcamp...
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SWSD009 | Gone With The Vibe

The latest release from Greg Wilson’s Super Weird Substance sees a return of The Super Weird Society; an amalgamation of the label’s vocalists – Kermit Leveridge, Katherine and Carmel Reynolds and The…
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RAWDay / Santa Cruz, California

The transatlantic connections in our mycelium network were finally made on 23rd July, 2017...
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Alan Moore Interviewed by Greg Wilson & Kermit Leveridge

Last summer, Greg and Kermit headed to Northampton to speak to a man who’s work and wisdom has made a huge impact on our lives and of many others...
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SWS Inspirations

Some Super Weird Inspirations

We had a number of our inspirations up on the wall at our 14 Hour Super Weird Happening. Here's what we wrote about them in the event's programme...
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Robert Anton Wilson

Redefining Reality: Cosmic Trigger Play Review

Reality is what you can get away with...
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Finding The Other Others – Daisy Eris Campbell Interview

Ahead of the 23 day run of shows at London's Cockpit, we caught up with Daisy as she prepares to pull the 'Cosmic Trigger' again...
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It Happened In The Dingle – 14 Hours In Photographs

We still can't quite get our heads around everything that went on during April Fools' Day but we can definitely say it happened in The Dingle...
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14 Hour Super Weird Happening – The Rafters & The Beams

Live music, talks, DJs and a birdcage...
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14 Hour Super Weird Happening – The Dingle Be-In

Panels, poetry, talks, performance and DJs...
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